Grandparents Do Seattle

So. April. That was a thing that happened. A combination of birthday month activities, visitors, family weekend in Denvahhh, 18 stitches (more on that later), and playing outside in the gorgeous weather kept us busy and made for a pretty amazing month.

But the highlight of my April (and possibly my forever) was when my grandparents came to visit.img_5674

I had texted Granny Janny in December to ask if she wanted to fly out to see The Nutcracker in Seattle, because 1) it’s pretty much in my backyard, and 2) we have a running “thing” with The Nutcracker in that she’s been promising to take me since I was about 6 but we’ve never managed to see it together. I had found relatively cheap direct flights from Detroit to Seattle, and while she chose to avoid the risk of inclement weather (smart), it did start the conversation about a springtime visit. And voila! A trip was scheduled.

They landed on a very sunny Thursday, so I took the light rail all the way from work to the airport (a new thing!!) because traffic was its typical horrendous self, and we light railed all the way back into downtown before catching a Lyft to our place. After a few Tippy belly rubs, we headed for the roof to show off our favorite views. Grandma enjoyed sniffing the rosemary, and we all enjoyed a gorgeous sunset before housing some pizza.


On Friday, we were back on the roof for coffee hour, a quick morning power nap on the couch, and then it was tourist time! We rode the monorail down to Pike Place and walked the shops, including Beecher’s, the fish mongers, and Rachel’s Ginger Beer. Then it was on to a delicious lunch at Matt’s in the Market, where we got to watch a pig being butchered – great fun!




Next was a harbor cruise, then a cookout on our roof. Bedtime was early, since our guests were still on east coast time, but first we played a few rounds of Tippy Memory to keep our brains sharp (Lar and Gpa were very good; Gma and I were terrible but we’ll blame the wine)! Grandpa and Tippy were also becoming fast couch buddies.


On Saturday, Tippy was so despondent at the thought of being separated from Grandpa that she couldn’t even bear for him to use the bathroom.


Despite her dramatics, we ventured outside of the city to Whidbey Island, a 40-minute drive and 30-minute ferry ride away. There was drizzle, but we thoroughly enjoyed the Langley Whale Center, Useless Bay Coffee, and the lovely gardens in town. Lunch was at Prima Bistro, where we had a great view of the water, and then there may have been some car napping on the way back home.


Back at home, the boys decided to stay in and watch some Final Four basketball while Grandma and I ventured over to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum – another spot in our own backyard that we’d never visited. It was stunning! And the glass-blowing demonstration made us both want to enroll in glass school immediately (random side note: the glass blower is from Findlay, OH, and went to BGSU). I can’t remember what we did for dinner but I am guessing it was eat leftovers and pass out early…after a few rounds of Tippy Memory, of course!

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass



Sunday morning, we did our usual Sunday-with-visitors thing: breakfast at Portage Bay Café, followed by the Ice Cream Cruise around Lake Union. I’m not sure what was going on with Captain Larry (not to be confused with my Larry) but he wasn’t his usual fact-filled self this time around. Since this was my fifth or sixth time on the cruise, I was supplementing facts for him. Hope he’s back to his usual self the next time we board! Regardless, it was a lovely day on the water and the houseboats looked fab.


Next, it was Take Your Grandparents To Work Day! Except I didn’t have to do any work since it was a Sunday. We got to UW a bit before the Library opened, so I snuck us in and got to give a private tour of the Reading Room and other parts of Suzzallo.


Next up was another standard stop on LarKar’s Seattle Tour: Kerry Park! We drove up instead of forcing them to walk up Queen Anne Hill like all our other visitors, but Grandpa did get a chuckle out of calling my mom to tell her I made them walk up anyway (this was after Jude had threatened me to “take it easy!!” on Gma and Gpa…pssh, they could have done it!).


After some downtime at home, we then ventured back out to the Ballard Locks and shopped for our next yacht, followed by another incredible dinner at Bitterroot, where we killed our traditional Cowboy Killer.


We returned them to the airport bright and early Monday morning and I was terribly sad to see them go. I can’t say how much it means to us that they flew across the country to come visit. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa! Come visit again soon!! xo


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