Birthday Weekend in Denvahhhh

Well, hello there. It’s been awhile! But I’ve been having fun, so as Beyoncé would say, I ain’t sorry. Now let’s time travel back to ye olden thymes (herb pun for my Gma!) and revisit another exciting weekend in April when my family gathered in Denver for a friend’s wedding. AND it just so happened to be my birthday weekend. Me me me!

We flew to Denver on Thursday evening on the bumpiest and scariest plane ride EVER – I was making peace with death and reassuring myself that the dog-sitter would stay with Tippy until my family could get to her. But we lived! So my bro picked us up and we checked in to our lovely AirBnB around midnight. It had been raining pretty hard in Seattle and I discovered that my trusty black boots had basically disintegrated, so into the airport trash they went. I was not entirely shoeless but I did put shopping for a new pair of black booties high on my priority list.

My parents and sister arrived early Friday morning from Ohio, and my sis and I exchanged birthday gifts (hers is on the 11th). We got each other the exact same card because we are the creepy twin girls emoji come to life. 👭🔪

Then it was off to find breakfast. We struck out at a few places before ending up at the delicious Pete’s Kitchen.

After cleaning up, the ladies shopped (new black booties, check!) while the guys relaxed back at the condo. We eventually headed back out to taste some wine on tap at The Infinite Monkey Theorem – it was heaven. I’d like wine on tap in my home, please. You can replace all the water faucets. Then we did our best hipster impressions while we waited for a Lyft to take us to dinner, which Kris was VERY excited about…

…because it was at, where else, The ChopHouse! No photos can be shared because we porked out too much. After, we somehow rolled ourselves over to the wedding-eve party at Lucky Strike, but we didn’t last too long before hitting the hay.

The next day was Erik and Kellie’s wedding! Kellie is one of my brother’s BFFs and just an all-around awesome person (see: mannequin), so we wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Plus, it was a BRUNCH wedding at the historic Oxford Hotel – say whaaaat!

We laughed, we cried, we sobbed like babies during an incredible a capella performance of “Hallelujah,” we recovered with mimosas and had too much fun in the photo booth. The whole thing was just lovely and then we came outside to find…snow. In mid-April. When just days before, Kris had sent pics of the 70 degree sunshine. Denver, you cray.

We relaxed at home for a bit before venturing back out to the post-wedding party at Wynkoop Brewery. Pool was played, drinks were had, the bride was still in her amazing dress – it was fab! And it was still snowing, much to Kalyn’s despair.

The next day was MY BIRTHDAY yaaaaay. We had a delightful breakfast at home and I declared that no showering was allowed. So we took our stanky selves out to The Source, an artisan food and booze market in a really old brick warehouse. There’s a butcher, a few restaurants, lots of shops, and a brewery dedicated to sour beers called Crooked Stave. My mom was not a fan of the sours.

But I was a fan of the Snapchat filters that day.

Our next stop was the genius establishment First Draft, where sits a wall of 40 taps and you can pour, taste, and pour some more. By the end of our time there, we were mixing some creative bevs (kombucha and white wine!) and Mom and Dad were ready for a nap.

So home they went and off we drove to our next locale: a dive bar! The Thin Man Tavern, to be exact. We took over some couches in the back and played many rounds of the old college game Asshole while I drank cheap champagne. And I was President for most of the game NOT because it was my birthday but because I am sly like a fox. We also FaceTimed Recie – is there anything more adorable than dudes who melt when they FaceTime a baby?!

Soon it was dinner time and Ma and Pa were ready to meet up with us again. Lots of dinner options were debated but in the end, there was only one place I wanted for my birthday dinner: Steuben’s. This is comfort food at its finest and most of us went to town on the Sunday special of chicken and waffles…while fighting off sleep.

Everyone was too full and sleepy to get dessert with me, so I got banana pudding to go! Score.

Mom, Dad, and Kalyn flew out early the next day, but our flight wasn’t until the evening. We did some fitness, cleaned up the rental, and checked out, then headed to work with my bro for a bit so we could both “work remotely” (errr catch up on blog reading?).

After lunch, we bid Kris and Denver farewell and headed for the airport. It was a pretty much perfect birthday weekend with my favorite people (just missing Tippy, of course).

And the celebrations didn’t end there! There were treats at work, then Lar took me out for surprises on Wednesday, starting with drinks by the water at Westward, dinner at Manolin, and dessert at Pie Bar, where I learned that champagne doesn’t go with everything…like banana cream pie. But I powered through because that’s what 35-year-old women DO.

And finally, we hosted a birthday cookout on our roof for the April bdays on our group…there was pink lemonade layer cake. Plus Lucie!

So cheers to 35 / I am halfway to 70! And cheers to me for finally updating the blog. Lots more to share, maybe I’m on a streak…stay tuned.


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