Adventures in Maybysitting

Did you know the Disney Channel remade Adventures in Babysitting? This is ridiculous and completely unnecessary, as the original is perfect. Elizabeth Shue! Thor! And the valuable lesson that your chocolate-smudged fingers will leave clues in the elevator, so just lick them for Pete’s sake!

Once, I wore Tom’s after a rainstorm back in Philly and slid on wet pavement, shin-first, into a sewage grate in the curb. I had to get one stitch. I was thrilled with the coincience and kept quoting the doctor who stitched up Brad after the subway knife fight. “One steetch.” But my doc didn’t get it. I feel bad for you, sir.

ANYWAY, this is a very long way of explaining the title of this blog post. I love that movie. The end!

Now, onto what we were up to in May…

The month started with a visit from my college roomie Alicia and her husband Russ. They’re expecting a little one in the fall, and it was so, so wonderful to see them both…and her belly!

It just so happens that two of her other good friends live out this way, so we spent Saturday with a crew of eight doing brunch, breweries, and a cookout on our roof.

Sunday was more tourism with our visitors, plus a fair amount of relaxing and gabbing. It was a pretty perfect visit, with Seattle doing its “awesome weather” thing it seems to do when we have visitors, and it means the world that our preggo pal and her baby daddy made the cross-country trip to see us. Can’t wait to meet baby Shawarma! What, you don’t name your friend’s kid for them in honor of some really delicious food you had once?

After they left, my life was consumed by our big work event, featuring keynote Juan Felipe Herrera, the U.S. Poet Laureate.

And the next day, instead of sleeping in, Lar and I ran up and over the Queen Anne Hill. Tippy was exhausted just hearing about it.

The next week, we were hashtag blessed with another visitor: famous author and storyteller David Crabb! We saw him do a reading at a great indy bookstore (where Larry found the greatest comic book of all time) and the next night saw him host The Moth on stage at a sold-out Benayoya Hall. Amazing!

We had a quiet weekend after that, spent running up another GD hill and introducing Tippy to the Puget Sound. She was not impressed, as usual. We also hit up the REI sale in preparation for our first car camping trip! We now own sleeping bags and headlamps, so we’re ready for all the wilderness.

May ended with the Memorial Day weekend camping trip to Sequim, which is on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s also where Joe, the main character from “Boys in the Boat,” is from, if you’re into that sort of thing. We went with four other couples and had a blast. Most of our time was spent at the campsite, though on Sunday we took a field trip and hiked all 11 miles of the Dungeness Spit to the historic lighthouse.

So May was awesome. And spoiler alert, June has ALSO been awesome! Tippy, calm down. We’ll get there.


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