Retired Runner



It’s been a long time and I have no good excuses. Let’s blame it on Russia. Or my nearly dead laptop. Nah, Russia.

The last time I checked in, I was cranky and not running due to heel pain. Well, I stopped resting, resumed running, started weekly acupuncture, and yet the pain continued. But I stubbornly refused to give up on running the Woodinville Half in September. This was my year and I was going to break two hours if it killed me.

Spoiler alert: I did not break two hours, it did not kill me, but I did PR by 5 minutes, finishing in 2:05:47. I was upset at the finish line for a minute, but I did my best and have to be happy with that. It wasn’t my favorite half – IT POURED from the moment the gun went off to like 20 minutes after I crossed the finish line, adding at least 90 pounds to my clothing, and the course was lackluster, especially compared to last year’s Oregon Wine Country Half. Here are some scenes from the rainy race:


Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and had a nice, hot breakfast in me (omg that cinnamon roll), I decided to cry uncle and really, truly retire from running half marathons. This was my eighth half and the only one where I’ve ever really tried to push myself; my old ass couldn’t hang and fought back. The writing is on the wall and I will happily retire from that distance.


I’m also firmly committed to giving my feet a rest until at least 2017. No short runs with friends (this part sucks, I miss my friends!), no long runs on the weekends, not even a quick jog with Tippy. Instead, I’m on to a different sport: rowing.

I started Learn to Row class at Lake Union Crew this month and we had our first night on the water this week. It’s hard, it’s awkward, there’s a whole new language to learn and I’m probably going to end up in a lady-overboard situation one day soon, but otherwise, it’s awesome. I’m meeting lots of new people and can’t wait for the day when it clicks. I got to row stroke seat on Tuesday, meaning everyone had to follow MY stroke and do what I did. I was the boss! Me! I am so sore.

I owe you a bunch of other catch-up things, like the Bend Beer Chase, Larry’s birthday, Tippy’s first camping trip, a slew of visitors, so many good book and podcast recommendations, my new secret talent, and a two-week trip to Croatia. Also, that time we sold our Prius and became car-less city folk. More coming soon from the Lost Summer…thanks for sticking around.


7 thoughts on “Retired Runner

    • Thanks, Gma! Yes, we sold the Prius on Saturday. We were paying so much for parking and barely using it, and we’ve been talking about it for a long time. So when we got a good offer, we ripped off the bandaid and went for it! xo


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