Thank you, Hillary

Thank you to everyone who has given hugs, sent texts, called, and emailed to spread love. There are rays of sunshine in this dark time. I’m still eating my feelings (send more Jeni’s, mom and dad! NO WAIT DON’T, my pants don’t fit) but I’m taking action by increasing my monthly donations to Planned Parenthood, joining the ACLU, and donating to Black Lives Matter. If I could stay off Twitter to avoid the reports of hate crimes and injustices, I’d be almost ok.

I wrote a thank you to Hillary. It’s not even close to anything she deserves but if we all take the time to send her a short note, perhaps she’ll feel buoyed and encouraged, which is all anyone can ask for right now.

Ugh I screwed up my Sincerely by trying to write while petting this monkey. Worth it.


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