It Wasn’t All Garbage, Was It?


What a dumpster fire of a year 2016 has been. So many amazing people gone except for the one person who should explode in a mass of Cheetos and straw hair (and pls take your shitty racist women-hating followers with you THANKS!). But in the spirit of positive vibes and glass-half-fullism, I will now try to remember the good things that happened this year. Because it wasn’t all garbage, right?


My dad turned 60 and we surprised him with a phenomenal party! We played outside and Larry ended his hipster bartending career.




Some cold-weather running featuring beautiful sunrises and a trip to Florida to visit Lar’s dad.



Jay Blistan visited! We ran up hills and went to the Sounders home opener. Cherry blossoms came out, daylight lasted longer, and we celebrated Easter with friends. march1



My grandparents visited!!! So did friends from back east, and it was the best birthday ever with my whole fam in Denver.

april2 april3


More visitors: college bestie, our most famous friend David Crabb, and I met the U.S. Poet Laureate at our big work fundraiser. We camped with friends for Memorial Day.

may2 may3


We ran the Bend Beer Chase for the second year in a row. I made boozy cherries with good friends, we celebrated Lar’s birthday at the Seattle Rock Orchestra’s Beach Boys show, and we took Tippy on her first camping trip – also our first unsupervised camping trip. We made fire!!


june2 june3 june4


I made beautiful American jello shots. Shenanigans at the Dixie Chicks concert and camp out involving biblical rain, Gentleman Jack, and pitchers of wine. We gained a new family member, Fippy. East Coast Wendy visited!!! I learned that I am really good at shucking oysters and we climbed a mountain with Tippy.july1 july2 july3 july4 july5 july6


Month of excessive vacations! We traveled to Mexico with old friends AND Croatia with new friends. Also: helmet nachos!

aug1 aug3 aug4 aug5 aug6 aug7


Still Croatiaing. I did not run a sub-2 half but did PR at 2:05 and haven’t run more than a mile since. My parents visited!!! And I got to be a witch for Harry Potter trivia at work.

sept1 sept2 sept3 sept4 sept5 sept6


I rowed in the rain and visited my sis in Charlotte with our mama. Football games, soccer games, and Tippy’s 12th birthday party. We sold our Prius and became car-less city folk.

oct2 oct3 oct4 oct1 oct5


I was depressed. We escaped reality by binging The Crown and with a long weekend in Astoria. And we spent a week back in Philly with family and friends. That was like balm for the soul. ❤

nov1 nov2 nov3


I went home to Ohio for the annual girls weekend and met Josie! We celebrated the holidays by seeing The Nutcracker, a White Christmas sing-along (this was THE BEST!!!), and lots of movies. We’ll celebrate eight years of wedded bliss on Friday and are hosting another NYE party on Saturday.

dec1 dec2 dec3 dec4

And then it will be 2017. We’re heading to Grand Cayman with my family in January (and will be very drunk there on inauguration day) and will come home to a new president. Not my president. And then impeachments shall begin, Russia will get involved, China will be pissed, the nukes will come out, and the world will end.

So here’s to 2016. And a very merry 2017 to us all!


Thank you, Hillary

Thank you to everyone who has given hugs, sent texts, called, and emailed to spread love. There are rays of sunshine in this dark time. I’m still eating my feelings (send more Jeni’s, mom and dad! NO WAIT DON’T, my pants don’t fit) but I’m taking action by increasing my monthly donations to Planned Parenthood, joining the ACLU, and donating to Black Lives Matter. If I could stay off Twitter to avoid the reports of hate crimes and injustices, I’d be almost ok.

I wrote a thank you to Hillary. It’s not even close to anything she deserves but if we all take the time to send her a short note, perhaps she’ll feel buoyed and encouraged, which is all anyone can ask for right now.

Ugh I screwed up my Sincerely by trying to write while petting this monkey. Worth it.

How Did This Happen?

I can’t stop crying. I feel sick, my chest hurts, and I cannot believe this is the country we live in. How did this happen? How did a man who espouses hate, bigotry, sexism, intolerance, and everything this country does not should not stand for become its president?

Larry told me as I shuffled out the door this morning that it was going to be OK. And I’m usually a glass is half full kind of gal, but this time, I don’t think so. Because we now have a president who has very explicitly stated for the past several months that it is not going to be OK for a lot of people, namely women who deserve control over their bodies, people of color, people who want to marry whomever their heart chooses, people who aren’t from this country, people who need access to healthcare, and so many others.

How did this happen? How did we get here? How do we reconcile this as a nation when the cracks are so deep we don’t even know where to begin? And not only as a nation, but with our own friends and family? I keep thinking about someone I know with young daughters who voted for that man. His daughters will grow up knowing that a man who has multiple assault accusers can still be elected president. A man can brag about forcing himself on women and no one will punish him. A man can say the most hateful words about Mexicans, Muslims, really anyone who isn’t white man, and he is rewarded with the highest office in the country. Our country will be led by a man and his even scarier vice president who believe it is their right to punish women for having agency over our own bodies. I don’t want young women to grow up with a president who will perpetuate our lack of self worth, and I can’t make sense of how people I know, people with daughters, could possibly have supported him. I thought they were better than this. I thought America was better than this.

The only thing giving me hope, other than sweet Tippy, who loves to lick the tears off my face, is the kindness of a stranger I encountered this morning. I was crying at a Starbucks on campus before meeting a colleague for a meeting, trying to get myself together. As I dabbed my eyes with disintegrating compostable napkins, a young man approached me tentatively and said: “You and I didn’t have the right to vote for 120 years. We’re going to get through this.” And then he gave me a hug and told me to watch this on Colbert.

This, of course, made me cry harder, but my tears were of gratefulness.

So. What now? Today I am choosing to cry, question, and give in to my crushed spirit. But tomorrow I fight.* And I hope those young women I’m thinking about heard Hillary’s incredible speech today, especially this part:

“And to all the little girls who are watching this: Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

P.S. Please go read Kate’s post, which sums up my feelings better than I can. And then read this one and this one and please consider donating to and volunteering for these places. Send Hillary a thank-you note for taking women further. And finally, pray for the Notorious RBG to stay alive…forever.

*HT Wendy, who is having the worst birthday ever.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! It’s going to be a wonderful Seattle weekend. My brother arrived last night, and my parents and sister get here this afternoon. While waiting, we will be running a cold-ass Turkey Trot and then moving into a gorgeous AirBnB in Ballard for the weekend. I’m beyond excited. 

I’m also beyond thankful for everything this year has brought us: a new city, new jobs, new friends, and new adventures. It wasn’t always easy but we’ve been so lucky that I can’t be anything but thankful. I am especially thankful for all of our friends and family who came to visit us this year, making our transition a little easier. I’m also thankful to YOU, whoever you are out there, for reading. 

Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in December with a recap of the McSeattle Thanksgiving Weekend! 

Tippy is thankful for her new friend Rocky, whose face she ate off and then puked up. ❤️

Coffee Table

We have one! Finally. Thanks, And thanks, General Assembly, for making an honest man out of Larry. 

In other furniture news, we had to return our beloved tufted bar stools to Target. After sitting on them daily for the last 10 months, they were beyond repair. The screws holding them together weren’t working, and nothing we tried (different screws, wood glue, PAINTERS TAPE) worked. 

So back to Tarjay they went and even without a receipt, we got a full refund in the form of store credit, hollaaaa. We are now awaiting red metal stools to add some color to our lives and some seats to our meals. 

We’ve also kind of started hanging things on the walls. Maybe now that it’s almost time to renew our lease, we’ll make this place look like someone lives here. 

Not quite brave enough to pull off a gallery wall with this hodgepodge though. We’ll save that for year 2.


10 Years

Ten years ago today, Larry came to a party my roommate and I were hosting in honor of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s 65th birthday. We decided on this theme after searching the History Channel website, and it was appropriate because so much of my life had been spent on the PA Tpk, going back and forth to Ohio. I wore a shirt from Goodwill that had a semi on it and said “King of the Road.” To get ready for the party, Laurie and I invented a game called Power Hour Cleaning, in which we would clean for one minute, then run back to the kitchen to do a shot of beer, and then run back to resume cleaning. I recommend this game to anyone who is dreading the cleaning process. It makes it so much more fun!

Because he is considerate, Larry called a few hours before the party to ask if he could bring anything. Because I am a jerk, I said 8 Big Macs and blow-up toys. And wouldn’t you know, he brought them. He also brought a variety of hats. It made him the most popular person at the party, especially as the evening went on and the drinks were flowing. Naturally, I got him drunk and made him stay over. Not in the roofied sense but in the “I’m kicking your ass at flip cup so here drink all this beer right now” sense. He came back the next night to watch a new show called “Desperate Housewives” and our fates were sealed.

Two years later, he proposed in the house we’d just bought with 8 Big Macs (no blow-up toys), and a year after that we got married on Grand Cayman (no Big Macs or blow-up toys, but lots of Mudslides and Dirty Nutty Bananas). Tonight, we’ll celebrate a decade of wonderful in our new city across the country from where it began. Probably not with Big Macs but you never know!

This is our first picture together, taken about a month after we met. We are 24 and 26 and don’t yet know what’s coming but we do know that we’re bat-shit crazy about each other. And I’m happy to say that a decade later, we still are.

Happy 10 years, Larry! I love you.

I’m So Behind

Delinquent blogger alert! I’m so, so, so behind on posts. Here is a list of all the things I owe you.

-Our big Ohio-Philly trip, which will have to be split into two posts because of so many awesome happenings:

-Labor Day weekend with Larry, Kris, and Tippy in gorgeous Squamish, British Columbia:

-Fitness lately (no CrossFit, lots of yoga, a little running, and…)  I got a bike!!! It’s the white one. I’m attempting my first work commute on Friday. Pray for me.

-How I did on my summer reading list and what I’m excited to read this fall:

-My favorite things (a 90210 podcast, hiking shoes, dresses, and beverages, to name a few):

Hoping to get started on these soon. In the meantime…here’s Tippy, unimpressed with the kite surfers in Squamish: